Welcome! Understandably, we've had a lot of questions about what the WBF is and how it all works. So, I'll give you an OOC run-down! 

The WBF is not a strict RP or PVP scene. To put it simply, it combines both into something that is approachable for those who are new (or not) to either side of the spectrum. It allows people who are into PVP ease into some small RP aspects without being too serious, and allows RPers to experience a taste of PVP on equal footing regardless of their gear. 

This is a tongue-in-cheek, fun way to get involved and be creative.

RP, PVP, and Me

The PVP aspect is going to be limited for obvious reasons, as everyone will be on equal footing, but it will allow you to play around with different builds and skills and try to out-wit your opponent based on those combinations alone. This is the biggest part of the PVP aspect. For those PVPers who want to try out a little RP or who just haven't known how to get into the RP scene on SWL, this is a fun place to start, and you can help pass on basic knowledge to others who are less experienced. Choose to be a part of the bigger RP arc as it unfolds, or just show up for fights and do some light RP. It's up to you!


The WBF brings you RP within RP. To put it simply, you will be RPing a character who is RPing a fighter persona. Your character and the persona your character will be playing are separate. Think of it in real-life terms. Aside from the occasional wrestler who breaks into movies, etc. we don't know a lot about their personal lives. Hopefully that helps to keep things in perspective. 

Some of our players have even opted to start a twitter account just for their personas, as how that persona would act is completely different from their characters. This is a good idea!


1. What happens in WBF -stays- in WBF. Basically, keep your IC character and your fighting persona separate.


2. Must retain good sportsmanship. Continued overly aggressive or negative behavior is not tolerated and will lead to disqualification or ban.


3. Persona background stories should not need a trigger warning.


4. Attendance: If you have a match and can't attend, you must give notice (the sooner the better). Failure to arrive at the designated time will be grounds for disqualification. Please try to arrive 30 minutes early.


5. You MUST USE DISCORD to best communicate with the team, council, and announcers.


6. If you want to do something with another fighter, (e.g., interrupt or sabotage their fight for storyline purposes) discuss it with them and any others who will be involved first so you're all on the same page. Everyone must agree.


**Please note that rules may change as the organization evolves and grows, as needed. We're here to have fun. No drama. No in fighting. I'm not afraid of confrontation. I will handle things if I need to with a giant hammer of whoop-ass, or hugs, whichever is needed. Much love—Kikko. ❤️

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